S&H Companies take pride in recycling as much material as possible. At our facility we recycle:
- Yard debris
- Wood
- Fill dirt
- Composting material
- Cardboard
- Metal
- Concrete

Materials that we are not equipped to recycle on site
are taken to a material recovery facility, where they
retrieve any recyclable materials.


Will you be doing Landscaping as part of your project/remodel?
Receive discounted pricing on Landscape Supplies when ordered with your Drop Box.

S&H Landscape Supplies & Recycling, our sister company, offers a wide variety of landscape supplies.
We deliver bark dust, premium soil blends and compost, gravel, storm water top soil, boulders, recycled concrete, and more.

We offer special pricing on delivery costs of landscaping supplies when you order them to be delivered with your Drop Box. We fill the Drop Box with the material you need, dump in at your site (per your instructions), then place the Drop Box where it will be easily accessible. You fill it back up with the material you are discarding. Call us when it is full and we will pick it up. Upon request, we can return the Drop Box for continued use.

Call 503.638.4909 today or send us an email to order landscape supplies to be delivered
with your Drop Box.


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